Aspire Offers Rewarding Professional Opportunities

Aspire's Director of Operations shared details on the firm's current hiring initiative and plans for 2019. He also highlighted a few key things hiring managers look for in ideal candidates.

The end of 2018 was an exciting time around the Aspire office, as company leaders reflected on the past year’s success and planned a hiring push to kick off the new year. The firm’s Director of Operations explained that he and other members of the leadership team recently had the opportunity to sit down with college graduates and discuss their personal and professional goals. This was an ideal chance to gauge what type of talent is available in the marketplace and what business-minded candidates want in a rewarding career.

Aspire hiring managers will be looking for a few key traits as they evaluate potential additions to the team. Those who possess growth mentalities, strong work ethics, and positive attitudes will be perfect fits for the firm’s supportive work atmosphere. Constant improvement is at the heart of the Aspire ethos, so incoming associates will enjoy plenty of chances to sharpen their skill sets. 

The Director noted that entry-level hires will find unique career opportunities in which they are empowered to excel through personalized training. Additions to the team receive hands-on education from seasoned coaches who have risen through the Aspire ranks. This one-to-one coaching approach is the best way to prepare people for success in the customer acquisition industry, because it emphasizes both technical and communication skills.

Aspire’s Director of Operations Outlines a Few Key Traits of the Best Candidates

Along with growth-oriented mentalities and positive attitudes, there are a few other qualities Aspire leaders look for in potential hires. The Director explained that he wants to be sure any addition is a strong team player. Those who have a track record of working within a group of people to achieve winning results will fit perfectly into the Aspire team atmosphere.

The Director also wants to know some details about each candidate’s network. He explained that having a wide selection of contacts indicates that a person is hungry for success. If someone has put in the effort to develop a strong network, he or she is likely to continue working hard to reach professional goals.

Another important thing the Director considers is how well a candidate interacts with team members and company leaders during his or her interview. If an easy rapport is obvious, it’s a good sign that a potential hire will perform well when interactions become more immersive.

About Aspire:
Aspire is a premier promotional events firm dedicated to connecting clients with their ideal consumers. By offering exclusive promotional campaigns and generous rewards packages, they ensure that customers receive the best possible service, resulting in incredible loyalty and increased revenues. Their highly-trained team of promotional experts has the skills and knowledge to deliver outreach programs that drive growth, allowing their clients the freedom and confidence to focus on their core business. At Aspire, their goal is simple: Create meaningful, positive experiences for their team members, clients, and customers. 

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